Morgan & Morgan's Messaging Strategy

A high-level analysis of Morgan & Morgan's messaging strategy and how to leverage LinkedIn algorithm updates to build your personal brand.

TO: Attorneys & Managing Partners
FROM: Benji Albrecht, Founder and CEO of BPAgency
DATE: March 1, 2024
RE: Size Matters and LinkedIn Algo Updates

Morgan & Morgan spends hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing. It follows that they know a thing or two about building a successful sales funnel.

If you’re not familiar, a sales funnel is a collection of marketing assets that work together to build a relationship with your potential clients and prime them to hire you when the need arises.

In this week’s Memo, I walk you through how Morgan and Morgan builds a relationship with potential clients using billboards to build awareness and the content on their home page to enlighten customers and move them from interest to action.

Let’s get into it.


Before you can build a relationship with your potential clients, they need to know you exist. They also need to remember you. Marketing to the awareness stage means showing up where your potential clients are and making them aware of the problems you can solve for them and how you can help them survive and thrive.

For example, take a peek at this billboard from Morgan & Morgan:

Taste preferences aside, the billboard checks the boxes for marketing to the awareness stage. In a 5 second glance, the advertisement demonstrates that Morgan & Morgan has the authority and experience to recover personal injury damages. As far as being remembered, Morgan’s face on a muscular body provides enough shock value to check the box.

Morgan & Morgan is now top of mind for my personal injury needs because of a strange billboard I saw on my morning bike ride.


Now let’s say I get side-swiped on my ride home and am seriously injured. ☹️ 

I now have the problem that Morgan & Morgan solves and become interested in how they can help me get the settlement I deserve.

But if Morgan & Morgan wants to win my business, they must show me how their representation will help me get that settlement, and how that settlement will improve my life. In other words, Morgan & Morgan needs to enlighten me as to how they‘ve recovered billions of dollars.

I search “Morgan & Morgan” on Google and go to the home page, where I watch a video of the managing partner explaining his approach to personal injury cases in a simple 3 step process:

  1. Do the investigation that should’ve been done.

  2. Shed light on the egregious conduct.

  3. Make sure his clients receive the care he wishes his permanently-disabled brother Tim could’ve had.

Notice how he didn’t educate me on the mechanics of a personal injury trial. Instead, he provided a high level description of how he gets results for clients (shedding light on egregious conduct) and how that would make my life better (making sure I get proper medical care). In other words, he describes how his approach solves my problem and improves my life.

So what’s the takeaway?

When marketing to the interest phase, you need to enlighten your potential clients as to how you solve their problem and how that makes their life better.

Enlightenment is the bridge between interest and action.


By enlightening your potential client, you earn the right to ask them to take action. Morgan & Morgan asks for action with a Call Now Button and a Free Case Evaluation Form.

When asking for action, avoid vague language like “Learn more.” Be crystal clear about what they need to do to take the relationship to the next level - hiring you to represent them.

📖 The Marketing Pulse

Changes to LinkedIn Algorithm Should Benefit Attorneys Recent changes to the algorithm are meant to “suggest” your posts to niche audiences. For firms targeting decision makers at large companies or business owners, LinkedIn has a ton of potential for building brand awareness for you and your firm. Just make sure to write about insights you have on niche topics, per the article linked above.

In a Post-AI World, Human Touch More Important Than Ever Per this SEO Trends for 2024 article written by a behavioral analyst for Search Engine Journal, AI generated content is not the answer to SEO success. Sharing unique stories and perspectives is.

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