5 Steps to Rank Higher in the Google Map Pack

This week's Memo provides a "How-to" guide for ranking higher in local search results.

TO: Attorneys & Managing Partners
FROM:_Benji Albrecht, Founder and CEO of BPAgency
DATE: May 2, 2024
RE: 5 Steps to Rank Higher in the Google Map Pack

Understanding and optimizing for Google's local ranking factors—relevance, distance, and prominence—can significantly enhance your online visibility and attract more clients. Claiming the top spot of the Google Map Pack establishes your firm as a leading authority in your field.

Google Map Pack Results for “Tax Attorney Phoenix”

Unfortunately, many firms overlook local SEO strategies. This oversight leads to missed opportunities and potential clients choosing competitors who are more prominent in the search results.

Here’s Why Firms Often Miss Out

  1. Lack of detailed business information: An incomplete profile misses out on opportunities to provide data to Google - data Google uses to determine the relevance of your profile.

  2. Ignoring the importance of reviews: Many firms underestimate the impact of client feedback on rankings.

  3. Neglecting SEO on their website: There is a direct correlation between strong on-page SEO and local rankings.

  4. Failure to include local keywords in site content: Keywords including geographic terms drive local relevancy and distance calculations.

  5. Inadequate or misinformed link building: Quality backlinks from reputable sites increase your prominence.

No need to worry, though. This week’s Memo is designed to help you overcome these challenges with clear, actionable steps to distinguish your firm in local search results.

Here’s How to Optimize your Google Business Profile for Long-Term Success

Step 1: Complete All Available Fields on your Profile

Make sure your profile is 100% filled out with accurate and detailed information about your services, location, and hours. It’s crucial to maintain consistency across all platforms to strengthen your relevance. Include specific services you offer, such as "estate planning attorney in [City]" to align with potential search queries.

Step 2: Collect and Respond to Reviews

Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews and respond professionally to all feedback. High review counts and positive ratings boost your prominence and trustworthiness. Share client testimonials on your profile and highlight successful case studies that reflect your firm’s capabilities and expertise.

Step 3: Enhance your On-Site SEO

Optimize your website content for local SEO by including geographic keywords that potential clients might use when searching for legal services in your area. Regularly update your blog with relevant, authoritative content to boost your site's prominence and relevance. Ensure your website is linked to your Google Business Profile.

Step 4: Include Local Keywords in your Title Tags

Use local keywords on your Google Business Profile and in the title tags of your service pages. Terms specific to your city or region can dramatically improve your relevance and distance scores, making it easier for local clients to find you.

Step 5: Build Local Backlinks

Join local chambers of commerce, legal associations, and sponsor local events to gain quality local backlinks. These links not only increase your prominence but also enhance your overall SEO performance.

Follow these steps to set your firm up for success in local search. Your efforts will increase your local search rankings, and make it easier for potential clients to find you online.

This email is brought to you by Benji and the team at BPAgency.

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