How to Collect More Online Reviews for your Law Firm

This week's Memo covers 3 simple ways to collect more online reviews and increase the visibility of your Google Business Profile.

TO:___Attorneys & Managing Partners
FROM:_Benji Albrecht, Legal Marketing Strategist
DATE: April 13, 2024
RE: How to Collect More Online Reviews

Online reviews are a key ingredient to growing your law firm.

Without positive reviews, your Google Business Profile will be buried in the search results. The worst part is - less competent attorneys will get more leads from their profile simply because they collect more reviews.

But collecting reviews isn’t complicated. This week’s Memo provides three Review Request best practices to help you gain the exposure your law firm deserves.

3 Ways to Collect More 5-star Reviews:

Request Reviews by Text Message: The average open rate for text message is 98%, whereas email is 20%. Send review requests by text message to increase effectiveness. Include the review request link from your Google business profile.

Here’s how to find your review request link:

  1. Go to your Business Profile. Learn how to find your profile.

  2. To find your review link:

    • Within Google Search, select Ask for reviews.

    • Within Google Maps, select Customers


      Get more reviews.

  3. Share the link with your customers directly.

When the client’s browser is signed into Google, the link will take them directly to the screen where they tap the number of stars and write a review. The less friction in the process, the more likely your client is to leave a review.

Ask in Person: When a client provides positive feedback, it’s a perfect time to ask for a review. Simply thank them for the kind words and ask if they’d be willing to write a review on your Google listing. Then, text them the link.

Asking for reviews in person is a valuable touch other attorneys often miss. Set yourself up for success by asking in person to create buy-in from the client and increase the likelihood they will follow through.

Provide Options: Some of your clients may not have a Gmail account and will be unable to leave a review on your Google Business listing without creating one. Consider providing multiple links to other review sites to increase the exposure of those listings. For example, below the Google Review request link, include a link to your Avvo profile. This way, you can capture reviews from non-Gmail users.

A consistent amount of online reviews makes it easier for potential clients to find you. Reviews also provide social proof and can be the difference between potential clients calling your firm vs. calling the competition. By using text message, personal interaction, and diverse review platforms, you can amplify your visibility and reputation to help your firm stand out online.

Use these tactics to connect with more potential clients and propel your firm to success.

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